Question: what do you do in detail ?

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  1. So I have a very mixed job. After about 10 years as an engineer an a lecturer, I now supervise a team of young engineers. So a lot of my job is advising each of them on the different projects they are working on. I have less and less time to actually draw/draft a design but discuss options with individual team members and they go off and do it.

    I have to be strategic in my role and choose projects that fit best with my expertise and where I can contribute the most. I apply for projects and when I’m successful, I can hire more engineers and create a team that works well together.

    At the moment, I am creating a team to work on the challenges facing the solar power industry. These are 1) the cost – it needs to be cheaper and 2) storage – we need ways of storing solar power for use on cloudy days or at night.

    I hope this helps?