Thank you from your winner – Lee!

leemargettsI am delighted to have won an amazing competition. I was really impressed how the students had the confidence to ask some tough and personal questions, finding out what it is really like to be an engineer. I genuinely hope that some of those who participated will now consider engineering as a career. Of course, I’d be delighted if they applied to study engineering at the University of Manchester, but as I emphasized during the chats, there are also growing opportunities through apprenticeships.

In my work, I use computers for engineering design. It is a bit difficult to explain exactly what I do, so I’ve come up with a fun way of demonstrating the process. I will buy a hand held laser scanner with the winnings so that students I visit on future school visits can transfer real world objects into the computer. Then we will redesign them! I will also make a YouTube movie for those I am unable to visit.

Thank you once again for voting for me!

Best regards


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