Yasmin Ali

Photo: Yasmin

Me and my Work: I give YOU power by working out how to get oil and gas stuck deep underground to power stations to make electricity so you can watch TV, have hot showers and travel!!

Status: Noooo!!! Well that was fun while it lasted :). Keep the questions coming!

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Tadhg O'Donovan

Photo: Tadhg

Me and my Work: Research and Teaching of the Science, Engineering and Application of Renewable Energy Systems

Status: Cup of Tea in hand, and ready to answer questions!

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Liz Meddings

Photo: Liz

Me and my Work: Building Services Engineer

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Latest Question:
do you think anyone even people with bad grades can be an engineer ?

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Lee Margetts

Photo: Lee

Me and my Work: I use supercomputers to simulate nuclear reactors, wind farms and dinosaur locomotion

Status: Now heading back to Blighty

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David Hill

Photo: Hilly

Me and my Work: I design power stations, keeping the lights on as safely and efficiently as possible #boringstatement

Status: Wow... got past the first eviction! Crazy...

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