• Question: what has been your proudest moment in your job?

    Asked by tatey to Hilly, Lee, Liz, Tadhg, Yasmin on 22 Jun 2015.
    • Photo: Lee Margetts

      Lee Margetts answered on 22 Jun 2015:

      The proudest moment in my job was holding the hard back engineering text book that I published last year. I spent 2 years writing it with colleagues. My second proudest moment was seeing the book listed on Amazon and my dad saying he’d bought a copy!

    • Photo: Yasmin Ali

      Yasmin Ali answered on 22 Jun 2015:

      In 2013 I won the Young Woman Engineer award from the Women’s Engineering Society! I even got an e-mail from the big boss of E.ON in Germany (he’s the boss of nearly 60 thousand people) to say well done which was a little bit scary :).

    • Photo: Tadhg O'Donovan

      Tadhg O'Donovan answered on 23 Jun 2015:

      There have been a few – I was very proud to win a European Award for my PhD Thesis; possibly the hardest project I have ever undertaken

      I look forward to tomorrow though – I will be very proud to see two of my PhD students graduate!